let Angie tell your story:

After sharing her story of loss through her book “Path to Peace,” Angie has a strong belief that everybody has a book inside of them!  In alignment with this belief, Angie offers a variety of ghostwriting services that allows prospective authors to tell stories, whether it be in the form of a fiction or nonfiction work.  With two ghostwriting projects and a third one in the works (see below), Angie is passionate about bringing the journeys, testimonies and lessons learned to life!  Let Angie take the first step to making your dream of writing a book a reality! In addition to her ability to take a simple plot or premise and turn it into a book, Angie walks her clients through the process itself – from journaling, to drafting, to printing, publishing and promoting. Here are just a few of the ghostwriting service offerings:

  • Creative consultation (from idea to book outline)

  • Full ghostwriting services (interview-intensive)

  • Publishing and printing resource referrals

  • Promotional/Marketing services (consultation and referrals)

  • Script-writing

  • Speech-writing

clients/project credits

Client: PK Williams

“From A Letter Man To A Better Man”

(Released - April 2018)

Client: Meko Krout

“A Family Blinded”

(Release - July 2018)

Client: A’Londa Barber

“Journey if a Sista on the Down-low”

(Released - February 2019)

Client: Puisson Mason Ent. 

“Rise of The Chain Breakers"

(Executive Produced  March 2018) 

(Stage play Coming Soon - March 2019) 

Client: Tamiya Davis 

“From Fatal to Fierce”

(Release - July 2019)

Client: Elizabeth Savage

“No Trespassing”

(Release - July 2019)


Working with Angie was electrifying -- she made the process easy, from start to finish. The experience of writing my memoir was life-changing! The fact that people are able to now read my book and walk away with nuggets they can use to make better life decisions, is the most rewarding part for me. What I wanted most for people to know is that even when we mess up in life, we can get right back up and become who God has called us to be – that message has been made clear, thanks to Angie.  


~Patrick “PK” Williams~


Author of “From a Letterman to a Better Man”

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