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  • Full ghostwriting services (full manuscript, interview-intensive)

  • Writing Coach services (let me help you write your book)

  • Creative consultation services (from concept to cover)

  • Publishing and printing resource referrals

  • Promotional/Marketing services (consultation and referrals)

  • Script-writing services

  • Speech-writing services

  • Freelance writing services (commissioned blogs, magazine articles, miscellaneous content, etc)

  • Screenplay writing services (coming soon...)


Client: PK Williams

“From A Letter Man To A Better Man”

(Released - April 2018)

clients/project credits


Client: Meko Krout

“A Family Blinded”

(Released - July 2018)


Client: A’Londa Barber

“Journey if a Sista on the Down-low”

(Released - February 2019)

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Client: Tamiya Davis 

“From Fatal to Fierce”

(Released - July 2019)


Client: Puisson Mason Ent. 

“Rise of The Chain Breakers"

(Executive Produced  March 2018) 

(Stage play Coming Soon - March 2019) 


Client: Elizabeth Savage

“No Trespassing”

(Released - July 2019)


Client: Asante McGee

“Reclaiming My Power”

(Released - August 2020)

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