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Hope springs eternal in Author Angie Ransome-Jones’s Path To Peace, A Guide To Managing Life After Losing A Loved One. I've lost many family members and even a boyfriend, and I only wish that I'd had Ransome-Jones’s book to help me navigate through what was some of the darkest moments of my life ever. It's a read that tackles everything that you'd ever want to know about how to cope with death, a subject that many of us truly don't even want to think about. From the pre-planning phases, to the very moment that you get word of your loss, to the details of the funeral, from insurance, to finances, to wills and trusts. I'm sure that there's not a better source offering up as much info in a manner that makes you feel as though you're being advised by a good friend. But here's what I enjoyed most of all about this read; the support exuding from the content of its pages. Through her personal experiences and the advice from professional contributors, this author doesn't steer you wrong as a powerful emotional compass. I highly recommend.


Path to Peace is a wonderful book used as a source to go to time and time again if you are going through the process of grieving after losing someone. It is well researched and written, and is easy to absorb all while letting the reader take what they need at different times during the grieving process.  It does a comprehensive job of touching on the many types of loss, and offers helpful suggestions for coping and moving forward. From the moment I first started reading it, I knew the perspective is coming from well-informed person who has been through the grieving process.  I highly recommend buying it when you or someone you know is faced with the death of a loved one as it guides you forward with practical guides on what to do as well as emotional help.  Give the book to someone you know who needs it. You will be able to help them when they need it most on their own time. By owning the book yourself, you will be able to understand and anticipate the needs of the people you care for who may need your help during a difficult time.
This is simply an amazing, well written book that exceeded my expectations.


As a financial services professional, I believe this book can serve as a practical guide for those seeking to prepare for that which we will all experience - the passing of a loved one or our own transition. As a man that has recently experienced the passing of his dad, this book allowed me the opportunity to reflect on the time shared with my dad in his final weeks. I appreciated all of the information, and many of the personal stories validated some of my own thoughts, emotions and experiences after my dad passed. A highly recommended read!


I think this book is a great guide to keep. It tells a heart-warming story of a daughter's loss of her father and how she has to deal with emotions and other situations that occurred. Also, her book gives people an insight on things that might should be taken care of before and after they lose a love one. The book ends with how we all might grieve for a love one which is differently.


This book is very informative and easy to follow. The other does an excellent job in describing her experience.


"Path to Peace' is a quick but powerful read. I urge anyone who, whether you have lost a loved one or not to read this book, not only for the knowledge that you will need for the death of a loved one; but also for the information that you will need to get in order for your own inevitable death.  Mrs. Jones takes us through her heartbreaking journey of loss and shares with us how she became a better, more informed person as a result.



This is precisely the book I wanted to read when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. There's no way to explain the stress that comes with an aging parent but this book outlines in detail exactly what to expect and how to deal with the numerous nuisances that follow a loved one's death. Angie's project management background comes through clearly and I greatly appreciate how she broke down the process in a clear and straightforward manner. I recommend this book to everyone.



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